Active Kids Grow Into Healthy Adults

It’s no secret that America is facing an epidemic of childhood obesity in our nation. While there are certainly advantages that go along with the recent technological advances in our country, one of the major downsides of so many screens surrounding us is a reduced desire to go outside and play.

Moreover, kids who don’t learn how to exercise while they are young tend to develop unhealthy and sedentary lifestyles when they are older. So, you may ask, what steps can be taken in order to ensure that your child winds back time and actually enjoys an active childhood? Well, it may not be as difficult as you would think.

Here are three ways to increase your child’s activity:

1) Sports
No matter what sport your child is involved in, there is a good chance that being involved in a sport will dramatically increase the activity level of your child. Most communities have recreational baseball, football, basketball, or soccer leagues, and sign-ups are often held two to three times every calendar year.

2) Time Them
Even 60 minutes of play a day can drastically reduce the probability of your child becoming obese. Encouraging your children to play outside for 60 minutes a day, and making the completion of that 60 minutes a real priority in the household, will lead to a level of activity that is not typically achieved by the modern American child.

3) Make It a Family Affair
As cliche as it may sound, most children really do yearn for some time with their greatest heroes, their parents. As a parent, setting aside a little bit of time each day to play outside with your children—whether throwing a ball, playing tag, or letting them teach you a new backyard game—can go a long way towards ensuring the family stays healthy and fit.