Better Bones & Healthier People

We’ve all heard how important having strong bones is. We know that strong bones lead to healthy growth, and healthy growth can help prevent a plethora of diseases. However, do you know how to get healthy bones to start with?

Bone health depends on a number of factors, many of which you actually have a direct impact on. In particular, your diet plays a key role in building strong, healthy bones.

Here are three essential nutrients for stronger bones:

1) Vitamin D

Everyone knows that calcium is important for strong bones, but did you know that vitamin D is just as important? Vitamin D is required to help the body properly absorb calcium. You can find vitamin D in fatty fish, cheese, egg yolks and fortified foods.

2) Vitamin K

Vitamin K helps with blood clotting, but it also increases bone mineral density. Vitamin K may also help your body retain calcium. Vitamin K can be found in green, leafy vegetables, Brussel sprouts and broccoli.

3) Potassium

Although potassium isn’t especially known for bone health, it has been shown that potassium may actually serve as an agent to neutralize acid attempting to strip the body of calcium. Increase your potassium intake by including avocado, spinach, sweet potatoes, white beans and bananas in your diet.

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