Common Remedies for the Common Cold

The colder days have finally arrived. Although we all knew the days were coming, we seem to never be fully prepared for the cold weather ahead and what it can bring—a cold. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help alleviate your symptoms should a cold rear its ugly head right before the holidays.

Find Relief From Your Cold

Are you looking to boost your immune system this winter so that you don’t miss out on the holiday festivities this season? Here are some ways to do just that, including but not limited to:

Stocking Up on Vitamin C

Fill your diet with foods that contain vitamin C, such as oranges, red peppers and kale.

Adding a Supplement

You can also talk with a physician about taking a 500mg vitamin C supplement to help decrease your chances of suffering from a cold this year.

And if You Still Get a Cold…

However, if a cold still arrives at your doorstep, it turns out chicken soup isn’t only good for the soul, but also for getting rid of a cold, too! Hot fluids, such as chicken soup, help soothe a sore throat and thin out mucus. In addition, hot fluids can help prevent dehydration that can occur when people are sick. Not only can chicken soup help satisfy your taste buds, but it can also help to alleviate many of the symptoms that come with a cold or flu, like stuffy nose, cough and congestion.

If it’s been a couple of days and your cold isn’t any better, it’s time to take action by visiting our urgent care center!