Diabetes and the Holidays

Whether you’ve lived with diabetes for a while or just recently received a diagnosis of the disease, the holidays can pose a couple of health issues, thanks mostly to the sugar that’s seemingly all around. Fortunately, there are still ways to enjoy a happy, healthy holiday!

Happy Holidays

Don’t skip the holidays just yet. Living with diabetes means you have to take certain precautions, but you can still have a jolly old time!

First, you need to reduce your stress. This means sitting down and creating a calendar that fits your health and your needs. While we all want to say yes to every event, sometimes we need to learn to say no. Break out your calendar for the next few weeks and write down everything you have going on each day. Feel like one day holds too many “to-do” items? See what can be moved around and what can even be cancelled altogether. Stress can lead to unhealthy food choices, which can cause your sugar levels to get out of balance.

Second, on your calendar, be sure there’s at least one time during the week that’s scheduled time just for you. Yes, even during the holidays, the time of giving, we still need to be a little selfish to keep our sanity and health in check. Read a good book, get an extra hour or two of sleep, or pamper yourself with a spa day. No matter what you choose, use this time for only you!

Finally, keep your exercise routine going throughout the holiday season. Exercise can help to prevent your blood sugar from reaching high levels. Be sure to fill prescriptions before you go out of town for the holidays. You want to make sure your health remains a priority—even during the season of celebration.

Are you feeling as though your sugar levels might be off? Visit our urgent care center to receive the care you need when you aren’t feeling your best. We’re open seven days a week, and no appointment is necessary!