Do I Need to Worry About Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a condition that starts in the spine but can affect the entire body. If you have scoliosis, it means that your spine has a curve to it when it should be straight. Your vertebrae make an “S” or “C” shape instead of being stacked on top of each other.

Many scoliosis cases don’t have a definite cause, so treatment usually involves symptom management versus surgery unless you have a severe case. Our X-ray services at AFC Urgent Care Hixson can help get a better picture of your spine, and we can help you better understand how to help manage your condition.

Is Scoliosis Painful?

Scoliosis affects posture, so if your case is severe enough, you may experience pain around the area of your curvature as your body constantly overcompensates to make up for the curve. That can manifest in the form of muscle fatigue or nerve compression.

Since scoliosis is a skeletal issue, the majority of symptoms will be associated with your posture and the way your body supports itself. If you think you have scoliosis, watch for other common symptoms associated with the diagnosis.

Scoliosis Symptoms

  • Difference in shoulder height
  • Asymmetry in ribs
  • Discrepancy in hip/shoulder blade height
  • Muscle bulge on one side of the back when bending over

Can I Get Diagnosed With Scoliosis Easily?

Usually the first step in a diagnosis is a thorough set of X-rays to get a better look at your spine. You may also have an MRI or a CT scan to get a more thorough look. If it is determined that you have a spine curvature, you most likely won’t be “treated” right away. If you are an adult, your spine will already have finished growing and your care will be more symptom management based. In a child, there are a few options that can help reverse the issue if it is severe enough.

If the spine has a 20-degree curve, you may be given a brace to help apply constant pressure on your spine, in the hopes that it slowly realigns your vertebrae. A 50-degree or more curvature is a severe case of scoliosis and may require surgery to provide relief.

Scoliosis Symptom Management

  • Exercise to strengthen both sides of your back
  • Anti-inflammatories to manage pain
  • Yoga and stretching to help alleviate pressure points on your back

Wondering whether your child has scoliosis? Come see us for an X-ray at AFC Urgent Care Hixson!