Eating All Their Fruits and Veggies

Sure, kids are picky eaters. No matter how great or advanced your child is, the odds are, they would much prefer eating cake and Starbursts to actually sitting down to a well-balanced meal. So, if the food pyramid is less relevant than it ever has been, what exactly can you do to ensure your kids are eating the nutrients they need?

Well, the answer may be easier than you could ever imagine. So, say goodbye to the days of diets that would make the grandparents cry, and say hello to a lifetime of great meal choices.

Here are three ways to encourage your child to eat better:

1) Set the Example
This one may seem obvious, but it is not executed very often. As a parent, your child looks up to you, so use that role of influence to show them the right way. Sitting down as a family and eating a well-balanced meal can help your kids to realize the importance of doing just that.

2) Dips
Compromise is a beautiful word, isn’t it? Are you serving carrots alongside your child’s dinner? Consider allowing them to dip them in ranch or blue cheese. Experimenting with dips and sauces can let your kids get the taste they want while eating the food they need.

3) Let Them Cook
It’s a simple fact of life: The more that someone is involved in the process, the more they are going to be invested in the result. Allowing your kids to help you cook can lead to a joy and curiosity around food that doesn’t always follow kids into the dining room.