Facts About the Flu Shot

Every year, as the weather outside gets colder and the nights grow longer, it seems like the flu sneaks up on many Americans. Although the flu is a yearly occurrence, we tend to forget about it until it’s too late.

So, what can be done preemptively to fight against the flu? Are there any steps that can be taken to shake the virus in 2016? Well, if you stop by AFC Urgent Care / Family Care, you can receive a flu shot and drastically lower your risk of catching the flu.

Here are three facts about the flu shot:

1) Nearly Everyone Should Be Vaccinated

If you are older than 6 months of age, then you can and should receive the flu shot. Since 2010, the CDC has recommended the flu shot for nearly everyone over the age of 6 months, with exceptions including those who are allergic to the shot or its ingredients, those with GBS, or those who have spoken to their doctor and been cautioned against the vaccine.

2) You Should Get Vaccinated Early

Although we tend to think of the flu season as occurring in winter, the flu season typically begins in October and lasts until as late as May, peaking in January or February. Don’t wait too late to get your flu shot. If possible, stop by AFC and receive your vaccination in early October.

3) You Should Be Vaccinated Yearly

Your body changes year from year, and so does the flu. Not only does your immunity to the flu wear down over time, the flu tends to appear in different strains each year, which means that each year’s flu shot has been specially formulated to battle the newest versions of the virus.

Want to receive your flu shot, and learn more about the benefits of vaccinations? Visit AFC Urgent Care / Family Care today!