Get Back Into a School Routine! | Hixson, TN Walk-In Clinic

Can you believe that it’s time to get back into a school routine? Our team at AFC Urgent Care Hixson certainly can’t! Fortunately, we have tips to help make things easier when getting back on track with the school schedule.

Plan Ahead

The key to getting back into a routine is to plan, plan and plan!

Check out the following ways to help you and your kids fall back into a school routine as seamlessly as possible to help avoid any unnecessary stress.

First, go ahead and start the sleep routine now. While you might have a week or two before the first day of school, it’s important to get your kids’ bodies ready for an earlier start to the day—especially since chances are your little ones have been staying up and sleeping in later due to the summer schedule. Starting early allows their bodies to get prepared better for the first day of school.

Second, sign your kids up for an after-school activity to keep them active and social. If physical activity is a favorite of your child, there are plenty of fall sports to participate in. But if sports aren’t your kid’s thing, there are many other activities available, including scouting, church youth group and music lessons.

Third, try making a bedtime routine that includes a book. You can even start this now, as you begin implementing a new, school-year bedtime. Many studies have shown that a love of reading fostered early in life is likely to continue later in life.

Finally, create a homework room that is just for the kids. Within the room, organize all of your kids’ school supplies, ensuring there are enough pencils, pens, paper, etc. to help them make their homework time a success. Plus, you can ensure it’s a room free of unnecessary technology so that your child doesn’t have any distractions during homework time each day.

Are your child’s vaccinations up to date in time for the first day of school? Visit AFC Urgent Care Hixson so we can get your child vaccinated and ready for school!