Heart Health With AFC

In American society, we talk a lot about the heart. When someone changes their mind, they have a change of heart; when they begin to feel differently, their heart softens; when the Grinch decided not to steal Christmas, his heart grew three sizes.

Even though the heart has become somewhat mystified in our society, it still is a vital and functional organ to our overall health. Keeping your heart healthy means so much more than just loving others well, it means keeping your blood pumping and keeping you alive!

Here are three ways to have a healthy heart:

1) Fats
What you eat has a dramatic impact on your heart health. Eating fats is necessary, but avoiding trans fats can lead to a healthier heart, and thus a healthier life.

2) Sleep
So often we glorify those who skip sleep for work, but this trend must simply end. Heart health is largely dependent on the amount of sleep you need, with many adults needing 7-8 hours of sleep every single night.

3) Go for a Walk
If you have to sit all day for your career, make sure to make activity a priority. Getting up and taking a walk to work, lunch, or wherever you may be going leads to a dramatically healthier heart.

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