How to Exercise with Kids

Kids are our pride and joy, but sometimes they just make life routines harder to adopt. This applies to adopting a healthy lifestyle as much as anything else, and many parents can confirm that they would indeed exercise more if their kids would allow.

Well, the answer may not be as difficult as you may think. Sure, kids can make the process a little harder, but children are by no means the death of exercise life - in fact, kids can make exercise time all the more rewarding!

Here are three ways to exercise when you have kids:

1) Naps
If your children are younger, using their nap time to exercise is an incredibly resourceful way to manage your schedule. Nap time is the perfect time to go for a quick run/walk on the treadmill, do some pushups, or lift a few weights, all while listening for your child.

2) School
As your child matures, so can your workout schedule. Once they are old enough to go to school, you can use this time during the day to hit up your local gym - the extra space in the middle of the afternoon is also prime time for an empty gym!

3) Include Them
If your children are old enough to play, they are old enough to be included in your exercising. Trade in a traditional run for an intense game of soccer, and you can get your workout in while they enjoy their summer evening.

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