How to Treat Rashes at Home

If you’ve developed a rash this summer, you’re certainly not alone. It’s possible to get a rash during any time of the year, but rashes are more common during the summer months.

Most rashes can be successfully treated at home, and our AFC Urgent Care Hixson team explains some effective ways you can treat your rash below.

  • Here’s what to do: The first thing you should do before trying any home remedies is to avoid scratching the rash. Scratching the rash could cause it to become infected, which can cause further complications.

  • What to do after: Wash the rash with water only and pat dry. Soap can make dryness and itching worse.

  • What to do next: Apply cold to the rash. A great way to do this is by wrapping the rash in a cool, damp cloth for five to 10 minutes. Cooling helps reduce inflammation that could be caused by the itch.

  • Something else to try: Consider using petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on the rash. Things like petroleum jelly, calamine lotion and other moisturizing lotions can help relieve rash discomfort. Apply three or four times a day.

  • When to visit the doctor: Most rashes can be successfully treated at home, but if your rash is showing signs of infection, such as red streaks coming from the rash, pus draining from the rash or swelling, visit your doctor or our AFC center to get treatment.

  • Action steps to take: Most rashes are caused by contact with a skin allergen, such as poison ivy. In the summer months, though, heat rash is common. To avoid potential heat rash, avoid strenuous outdoor exercise when it’s hot outside, stay cool indoors and dry your skin thoroughly after sweating and wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothes.

  • If your rash interferes with your daily activities: Take an over-the-counter antihistamine, such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl) or loratadine (Claritin). Read and follow all instructions on the label.

  • Doctor recommendations: Like we said earlier, most rashes will go away on their own, but a trip to the doctor is necessary for signs of infection and severe discomfort. If this is the case for your rash, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to get rid of the rash.

Skin rashes can interfere with your day and cause all kinds of discomfort! Don’t hesitate to visit our AFC Urgent Care Hixson center if you need relief from a rash.