Increase Your Energy to Tackle the Day | Hixson, TN Walk-In Clinic

The team at AFC Urgent Care Hixson wants you to take advantage of the sunny days ahead! However, when energy is lacking, it can be hard to make the day a productive one. Here are some tips on how to add some more energy to your day, especially since you’ll need all the energy you can get once the kids are home for summer break.

Increase Your Energy

Start by having three balanced meals each day. Your meals should contain plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains to properly fuel your body. It’s also important to keep healthy snacks on hand. Therefore, when the need for a snack arrives, instead of grabbing for the bag of greasy potato chips, you can have a piece of fruit or a handful of almonds, hazelnuts or cashews!

In addition, if you want your energy levels to get to work for you, then you need to get moving, as well. If you feel exhausted, increase your energy by taking a short walk around the block. Even just a 10-minute brisk walk will do wonders for feeling more energetic. However, it’s better if you can fit in three 10-minute power walks during your day to help feel an increase in energy and better overall mood.

Walking can also help to relieve an energy zapper—stress. When your body and mind are stressed, you’re using up a ton of energy, which can leave you feeling rough. As a result, anytime you’re feeling completely overwhelmed, it’s a great time to add in one of these 10-minute walks.

Taking a quick “power nap” can also help you feel rejuvenated enough to conquer the rest of the day. Just remember, though, that it’s a nap. This doesn’t mean fall asleep for three hours this afternoon. Instead, a quick 20-minute power nap should do the trick!

If you think your fatigue might be a sign of something more serious like chronic fatigue syndrome or a vitamin D deficiency, visit AFC Urgent Care Hixson so we can find the underlying cause and get you back to feeling your best.