Keep Your Healthier Resolutions

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.“—Mark Twain

You won’t know until you try! Don’t set yourself up for failure by already thinking your resolutions for 2017 will go down the drain like those of years’ past. Instead, focus on the positive—new year = new opportunity for success!

Achieve Your Resolutions

Now, starting on your resolutions can be the easy part. With all the energy you have pushing you in January, the first few weeks (or even months) can be a breeze. However, reality soon sets in, and your motivation becomes less and less. Hence, your resolution loses momentum, and you lose focus on your goal for the year.

Here are some things you can do to ensure success this time around.

For one, are you guilty of making way too many resolutions? Maybe instead of throwing all your eggs into your “resolution” basket, you make only one resolution for 2017. It’s a lot easier to focus on achieving one goal than five, and you can always save the other resolutions for later years. Or if you happen to complete a resolution before 2018 arrives, go ahead and start on the next one on your list!

Also, quit making the same resolution over and over. Was last year’s resolution to lose weight? Start completely fresh this year. Instead of resolving to lose weight, aim to complete a half marathon in 2017. Plus, while training for the half marathon, you’ll probably lose weight in the process.

Remember, choose a resolution for you. Don’t make a resolution for anyone else. You won’t have the same momentum or drive, and you’ll easily give up if you weren’t really into your resolution in the first place. This is your resolution, and this is a time to complete a goal in your life. Make a resolution that will make you happy! That’s truly the first step in making your New Year’s resolution a success.

Remember to talk with a physician before starting any new exercise routine. Visit our urgent care center at any time—no appointment necessary—for a routine wellness check!