Urgent Care at the Speed of Your Life

Have you ever had a non-life threatening condition, say a broken bone or even a bad case of the flu, and wanted to receive treatment immediately? Often, your primary care physician is unavailable for same-day calls, and so you’re forced to find a different option.

Many Americans in this situation default to the emergency room, unaware that there are other choices. Not only is the emergency room often expensive, but non-life threatening injuries and illnesses also make the line longer for everyone.

There’s a third option. Urgent care is a healthcare revolution sweeping across America, and AFC Urgent Care / Family Care is proud to be leading the charge.

Urgent care is a cheaper, more practical solution for everyday healthcare needs. Not only does AFC have minimal wait times, but our smaller overhead costs allow us to provide you with the same level of incredible care as the ER while still keeping the costs low.

At AFC, we have an amazing team of certified physicians ready to assist you with whatever your situation may be. We serve all patients age 6 months and older, and our friendly team of healthcare professionals are ready to treat you with care, confidence and excellence for the duration of your visit.

Want to learn more about AFC and our incredible team of urgent care providers? Visit us today!