What Is the Best Way to Treat Seasonal Allergies?

We have been waiting for this weather for so long! Now, it is finally starting to arrive—the spring weather, which includes warmer, sunnier days. However, with the warm weather also comes seasonal allergies, even when you’re spending time indoors most of the time.

Our team at AFC Urgent Care Hixson wants you to know how you can prevent seasonal allergy symptoms this spring, as well as treatment options available if you are affected.

How Long Do Seasonal Allergies Last?

While it can seem like seasonal allergies hang around forever, it’s not quite that long! But allergies related to outdoor allergens, such as pollen, will stick around for as long as the allergen does.

So, if you’re allergic and reacting to tree pollen, you may experience symptoms until the pollen levels die down.

Symptoms of Seasonal Allergies

  • Runny nose, stuffy nose and/or sneezing
  • Wheezing or shortness of breath
  • Dry cough
  • Rashes
  • Fatigue
  • Headache

What Treatment Is Available for Seasonal Allergies?

There are a number of ways you can help to control your allergy symptoms this spring. First, you might want to try an over-the-counter antihistamine medication. In addition, nasal sprays can also help to alleviate allergy symptoms.

You also might want to try to avoid being outside on days when the pollen count is really high, and keep the doors and windows closed as much as feasible to keep allergens outdoors.

Ways to Prevent Seasonal Allergies

  • Avoid your allergens if possible.
  • Wash your clothing and hair after spending time outdoors.
  • Keep a careful eye on pollen levels.
  • Change your air filter more frequently when your allergens are active.

Are you tired of dealing with the symptoms of seasonal allergies? Visit the AFC Urgent Care Hixson today to learn about our telemedicine option and get the care you need from home!