Why Run?

It seems like all across America, people everywhere are trying to figure out new ways to lose weight and get healthier. Whether it’s following some new fad diet, lifting weights or playing sports, Americans are dedicating an increasing amount of time to fitness.

Although there are many ways to get in shape, one way has passed the test of time with flying colors and is growing in popularity year after year, and that way is running.

Here are three reasons you should run:

1) Community

If getting healthy is difficult for you, then running is going to be your new best friend. Running provides accountability in that you can go with others, and often times running groups are some of the most supportive people you will meet.

2) Weight Loss

Running burns an intense amount of calories, and as such, is a great tool in your excess weight-fighting arsenal.

3) Ease of Access

Although many exercise require a gym membership, running is simply not one of them. Slip on a pair of shoes and run anywhere, no fees or dues needed—see you out on the trails!

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