Why Swimming Matters

The summer is here, the high temperature just keeps growing hotter, and every day many of us are left fondly remembering the winter and hoodie weather of a few months ago. However, the swimming pool can provide a fun and practical relief to the heat of the summer sun.

Now, we all know that kids love going to the local pool and swimming, but could there actually be a medical reason to swim? What if we told you that swimming was more than just fun, it was recommended?

Here are three reasons you should take a lap in the pool this summer:

1) Heart
Not only is swimming a low-impact workout that is enjoyable enough to repeat multiple times a week, it also is a great way to keep your heart rate up at exercise-friendly levels while still experiencing a workout that is compatible with people prone to injury from more traditional methods of exercise.

2) Muscle
Swimming is a great way to build up muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness, and overall endurance, leading to a more general sense of health.

3) Other Advantages
In addition to being good for the heart and endurance, swimming is also beneficial in terms of weight loss and all its associated health advantages, it tones muscles, builds general strength, and helps develop healthy lungs.